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Q. I'm a graphic designer, but I also do quite a lot of illustration - where should I register my Freelance Creative Profile Web Page ?
A. That would probably happen with many Freelancers, as often Freelancers are multi-talented ! You can list as many specialities as apply to your expertise. And add more details in your bio.

Q. I see that there is the facility to be able to add a pdf of work samples. I work in TV and would like to be able to add a video to showcase my portfolio. Can I do this?
A. Yes you can. Currently the profile pages are only set up to automatically accept pdfs - however there are many software applications (such as Adobe Acrobat Writer or OpenOffice) to make an interactive pdf - to include links to any video or audio file. If you would like more information about linking to video or audio - send us an email -

Q. I am a copywriter and my main area of expertise is in the Healthcare Industry. Is there a category specific to the Healthcare Industry ?
A. Simply list as a copywriter and just write your healthcare experience in the bio section and the SEARCH will pick up on this. This way - your listing will appear for anyone searching for 'healthcare'.

Q. I work in the Human Resources department of an advertising agency and we use an employment agency to recruit Freelancers. It's very expensive. Can I really use the Freelance Factory website absolutely FREE of charge ?
A. Absolutely. The Freelance Factory is simply a directory and doesn't take any commissions from either party. This can certainly save you money, but as The Freelance Factory doesn't handpick individuals to suit individual needs, it cannot be responsible for any incorrect choices.

Q. I have a small business and looking for someone to design my logo and produce some business cards and flyers. Can you tell me how much it will cost ?
A. The Freelance Factory is a directory of Freelance Talent. Each freelancer that registers and markets within this site is a completely seperate entity and business. And as such, all listings would have their own pricing structure. It is important to discuss this directly with the Freelancer.

Q. Can I add a link from the Freelance Creative Profile page to my personal website ?
A. Absolutely, there is a box allocated on the "Add Profile" page. Just add your website URL there.

Q. I've added my profile page, but want to add more information, how do I do this ?
A. You can change your profile page 24/7 as many times as you want. You would need to be logged on with your username and password, this is to protect your profile page and it allows only you (as the registered Freelancer for that page) to delete and change any content. When you've logged on, locate your profile page and preview. There is an option at the foot of the profile page for you to modify or delete.

Q. How do I gain access to the Factory Floor ?
A. The Factory Floor bulletin board is available to Freelancer paid registrations only. We did open it up for everyone to join us, but unfortunately it became attractive to spammers.

Q. I would like to add my logo to my profile page. Is this possible ?
A. Currently, the profile page is not set up to include your personal logo, however, if we have requests for this option, we would certainly look at adding this feature. If you would like to be able to include your logo, let us know: