NOW WORLDWIDE. A DIRECT link to a pool of highly skilled Freelance Creative Talent.


The Freelance Factory
General Overview, Mission & Culture

The Overview

The Freelance Factory provides a web based directory of all freelance creative talent covering advertising, marketing, graphic design, web design, multimedia, photography, illustration, editorial, journalism, film and TV. Creative entrepreneurs.
The Freelance Factory first went LIVE in Australia in July 2006 and proved so popular that we have now extended to include our friends around the World. A central location for Freelance Creative Talent.

The Structure

Freelancers can register on the Freelance Factory website absolutely FREE. Here they can browse other freelancer profiles, search to team up with other freelancers, join the Factory Floor forum or simply have a look around. For a small fee, freelancers can advertise their expertise and services with their own unique profile page. This culmulative fee goes into marketing the Freelance Factory as a one-stop shop - bringing together employers, clients and freelancers. Employers, prospective clients and businesses search absolutely FREE.
The Freelance Factory does not act as an agency - therefore does not take commissions from either party.

The Mission

The purpose of this site is to give employers, prospective clients and businesses direct and easy access to this pool of highly skilled Freelance Creative Talent, freeing them from the trappings of using advertising or marketing agencies, with significant financial benefits. It simply offers a cost effective alternative to traditional recruiting agencies.
The world is changing - and so too is the work environment. Technology has made it possible to work remotely and this has encouraged more and more individuals with a wide range of expertise, to take the Freelance option.
In addition, the economy has forced larger marketing and advertising agencies to use Freelance Creative Talent - as and when they need it - without commitments of full time employees. As the larger ad agencies are also looking for ways to cut todays escalating costs, they can now search The Freelance Factory absolutely FREE.

The Freelance Culture

The Freelance Culture is associated with a good balance between work/life and this site encourages Freelancers to work together. Within the Freelance Factory site there is The Factory Floor which creates a total workplace environment for the Freelance community. This is just as valuable to the Freelancer as the directory itself. Often Freelancers work in small groups, from small studios and sometimes from home studios. It is a tremendous benefit to Freelancers to log on and exchange tips or team up for projects - or even to chat LIVE - and be part of a work environment in the Freelance Factory virtual community.
It's a win-win situation for employers, prospective clients, businesses and freelancers.